Apricotes are truly special kind of fruit. We are cultivating them, care for them, picking them and of course, eating them. But the speciality of our apricotes is hiding in their imcomparable flavour. Every year, we are looking forward for that amazing acidic and sweet flavour. Do you want to experience the role of apricote farmer? Dig in.

The summer beginns. But for every apricote farmers and sellers also beginns work. The apricote seasons lasts around three weeks and the apricotes must be sold very quickly. But our fruit ripes very soon and irregularly. In this matter, it is a very big problem to deliver them to our customers fully rippen. What does it mean for a farmer?
Not many customers know about apricote picking and its problems. Lots of people think, that fruit picking is a "one time job". Pickers come to the orchard, climb up the ladders, pick the fruits and then they are going home with a pile of fruits. The truth is that picking of a one tree lasts days, sometimes even weeks, because not all the fruit on one tree is fully ripe. We will climb one tree not just once but a hundred times.

Sometimes happens, that we even remember some apricotes. When we touch them and turn them around, we will find, that they are still green from the other side and we left her for the next time. And so on untill she becomes ripe. Sometimes also happens, that we find few harder and greener apricotes in our baskets. Don't worry, we are collecting them so the customers won't even encounter them. After picking ripe and tastefull apricotes, every one of them lasts one week, untill it rot away. Even if you keep them in the fridge, it sadly happens. For us, farmers, it means, that we must sell our apricotes no later that the second day after picking.


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